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In 1942 my grandfather began designing and manufacturing  original floor closers and a complete range of hardware for frameless tempered glass door assemblies.

We have grown in size and organisation since then, but we are still keeping alive his vision for: originality, consummate skill and effort, maniacal attention to detail, constant innovation and improvement, rigorous testing, together with the passion, responsibility and pride we feel to be associated with the “Made in Italy” quality.

It’s in our blood.

We work extra hard to satisfy the needs of even the most challenging: architects,

designers and installers. We focus on all details so you do not have to.

Milenco Marinoni – CEO

“Every time you are installing a Speedy floor closer you are handling over 70 years of expertice.

We proudly produce and test each of our closers so you can trust and rely on Speedy’s performance.”

Milenco Marinoni – CEO